Tahfeez ul Quran Registration

Registration Rules

  • Students must be registered 4 months prior to the start of classes, during the registration period that will be announced by the office.
  • There is a late registration fee of 25$ for every student that is registered after the registration period. 25$/student will be automatically taken with the first payment.
  • Regular school-year classes: students must be registered in the month of May, during the registration period.
  • Summer classes: students must be registered in the month March, during the registration period.
  • On registration day, parents must bring with them
    • Void Cheque (If you have already given a void cheque the year before, you will need to authorize us to continue using your void cheque in person)
    • Student’s Medicare card (even if you have already given it the year before)
  • Registration Age Condition
    • Student must be 6 years old on the day of registration.
    • Please note: We have accepted students under 6 years old in the previous years, but this is a NEW rule so using examples of past students is NOT VALID.
    • Please do not ask for an exception to be made as NO EXCEPTIONS will be made under any circumstances.
  • After class supervision
    • Student safety is a priority at our school and we take all measures needed to ensure the safety of your children. To ensure 100% safety, parents must be present a few minutes before the end of class to pick-up their children. Although some of our staff members are present to supervise for a small period of time after class, children are ultimately the parents’ responsibility after class time.
  • If you have more than 3 kids, 5$ discount will be applied to all the kids per month.
  • The payments will be taken on the 22nd of every month.
  • Payments will be taken by pre-authorized cheques only


Cancellation Policy

Please note that there will be a cancellation fee of one extra month of fees which will be automatically debited from the account.

The absence of any child will not automatically cancel any admission.

Registration Form

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