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Frequently Asked Questions

In how many months will my child be able to read the Quran in Arabic?

  • If parents stay involved with their children and take an active role in listening and reviewing their lesson at home, the child can be able to read the Quran within a year.

Do you teach with Tajweed?

  • Yes, we teach with Tajweed. The students are not allowed to advance without learning letters with correct pronunciation.

Can my child come for 3 or 4 days out of 5 days?

  • No, all students must come on time every day. Results will only be seen if students follow all the guidelines from the school.

What do you emphasize on in your school?

  • At Academy An-Noor, we strive very hard to instill good character in our students. Good morals, behavior, attitude and respect are vital ingredients to nurture our generation to come. We always advise the children to be respectful towards their parents, family members, elderly and general public.

Can I teach my child Quran by Skype?

  • Students who come to our programs are not only taught the curriculum, but most importantly Islamic values and tarbiyat is embedded in their hearts because of being in the environment of masjid. Children growing up in Canada are suffering identity crisis. Not knowing who they are as a result of learning by Skype. No exposure to Muslims or Masjid. We cannot expect these children to contribute positively to society if we have kept them away from the Masjid in their early childhood years.

Rules and Regelations

Registration Rules

  • Students must be registered 4 months prior to the start of classes, during the registration period that will be announced by the office.
  • There is a late registration fee of 25$ for every student that is registered after the registration period. 25$/student will be automatically taken with the first payment.
  • Regular school-year classes: students must be registered in the month of May, during the registration period.
  • Summer classes: students must be registered in the month March, during the registration period.
  • On registration day, parents must bring with them
    • Void Cheque (If you have already given a void cheque the year before, you will need to authorize us to continue using your void cheque in person)
    • Student’s Medicare card (even if you have already given it the year before)
  • Registration Age Condition
    • Student must be 6 years old on the day of registration.
    • Please note: We have accepted students under 6 years old in the previous years, but this is a NEW rule so using examples of past students is NOT VALID.
    • Please do not ask for an exception to be made as NO EXCEPTIONS will be made under any circumstances.
  • After class supervision
    • Student safety is a priority at our school and we take all measures needed to ensure the safety of your children. To ensure 100% safety, parents must be present a few minutes before the end of class to pick-up their children. Although some of our staff members are present to supervise for a small period of time after class, children are ultimately the parents’ responsibility after class time.
  • If you have more than 3 kids, 5$ discount will be applied to all the kids per month.
  • The payments will be taken on the 22nd of every month.
  • Payments will be taken by pre-authorized cheques only

Cancellation Policy

Please note that there will be a cancellation fee of one extra month of fees which will be automatically debited from the account.

The absence of any child will not automatically cancel any admission.

Rules and Regulations

Objective: To establish an environment that encourages and facilitates learning by creating clear rules and behavioral expectations from students and consequences when rules are not followed and behavioral expectations are not met.

Rules for students:

  1. Students must not leave the school premises without permission and adult supervision during class time.
  2. Students must arrive on time. Students that arrive past the start of class time will be considered late. Each time a student is late, an office referral form will be filled out.
  3. Students must be in complete uniform before entering class. The uniform consists of girls consisting of Hijab and Abaya covering their arms and legs. The uniform for boys consists of A cap covering the head and a Jubbah/Shilwaar Kameez. The uniforms worn must be clean and presentable.
  4. Swearing, profanity, lying, and racist comments are not tolerated.
  5. Cheating on any exam or forgery is not tolerated.
  6. Disrespecting the teacher is considered a major offense. Disrespect can be shown in many forms, for example: talking back to the teacher, swearing at the teacher, hitting a teacher, turning your face away from the teacher while he/she speaks to you, repeatedly disobeying the teacher and etc.
  7. No physical violence should take place on school grounds, even if it may be “play fighting”. Physical violence witnessed by other students must be reported to a staff member.
  8. Cellphones, tablets, laptops, or any other electronic device use is not permitted during class time unless given permission by an authorized staff member.
  9. Defacing school property and vandalism are not permitted.
  10. Smoking or drug use on school grounds will not be tolerated.
  11. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on school grounds (knives, BB guns, etc.)
  12. Students must abstain from any type of stealing or borrowing without permission.
  13. Students should keep class distractions to a minimum.
  14. Students must bring their books to every class (Qaida, Juz Amma, or Quran with Deeniyat book).
  15. Playing, laughing, and talking during salaah time are not permitted.

Behavioural Misconducts have been separated into three different levels.

  • Level 1 : Offenses categorized in Level-1 are considered minor offenses which will result in minor consequences if done infrequently. Each time a student is in violation of a level 1 misconduct, the teacher must fill out a report and give to the student so that their parents sign and return it. An accumulation of 3 level-1 offenses will result in a parent-teacher meeting and a detention. 5 level 1 misconducts will result in a suspension. 8 level-1 misconducts will result in a long suspension or expulsion
    • Teasing
    • Offensive remarks
    • Inappropriate hallway behaviour
    • Vandalism
    • Incomplete Uniform
    • Disrupting class (yelling, talking to other students, standing up)
    • Late arrival to class
    • Not bringing books to class
  • Level 2 : Offenses categorized in Level-2 are considered major offenses which will result in more serious consequences. Each time a student is in violation of a level-2 misconduct, the teacher must fill out a report and give to student so that their parents sign and return it. 3 level-2 offenses will result in a suspension from school for a period of time that will be decided by principal and teacher. 5 level-2 offenses will result in long suspension or expulsion.
    • Play Fighting
    • Leaving school grounds without permission
    • Skipping class
    • Theft/Stealing (Major)
    • Swearing
    • Lying, Cheating and Forgery
  • Level 3 : Offenses categorized in Level 3 are considered No-Tolerance offenses which will result in a long suspension or immediate expulsion. If a student is in violation of a level 3 misconduct, the staff member must immediately report the student to the office and his/her parents must be called and present themselves to the office to discuss the student’s actions and their consequences. The expulsion form must be signed by the principle and the parents
    • Bringing a Weapon to school grounds
    • Indecent behaviour/ Harassment
    • Illegal substances on school grounds
    • Fighting

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