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A Summary of the Five Year Program


  • Nasheed
    • Hamd/Na’at
      • Five Hamd and Five Na’at.
  • Coran
    • Qirâ’ât al Coran 
      • First year: Ahsanul Qawaid .
      • Second year: Reading of Juz’Ammah with tajweed .
      • Third year –  Fifth year Complete reading of the Koran.
    • Hifdh Coran
      • First year – Fifth year : Ta’awwoudh Tasmiya , Sura al Fatiha, Surah Mulk Waaqiyah Yaseen Juz ‘ Ammah and Âyat oul kursi .
      • Sixth year- Tenth year: Full Quran Hifz
  • Hadîth
    • Dou’â and Sounna 
      • Dou’â for thirty-eight actions and the Sunnas of thirteen activities (eg: Sunna way of eating, drinking, sleeping, entering the mosque, at home, in the toilets).
    • Hifdh al Hadîth
      • Forty Ahadîth with translation, according to the five general branches of Din , i.e. Imâniyât , ‘ Ibâdât Mou’âmalât Mou’âcharah and Akhlâqiyât .
  • Aqâ’id (beliefs) and Masâ’il rules.
    • Aqâ’id beliefs )
      • The five Kalimas , al Imânoul Moujmal , al Imânoul Moufassal , and the basic beliefs that every Muslim must believe with conviction such as Allah, Prophet Muhammad , divine books, angels, the hereafter, etc. 
    • Salah
      • Complete the Salah with all the relevant Du’as , together with the way in which one accomplishes and directs the other  six Salahs , such as the Salahs of the Witr , of the sick, of the Joumou’a , of the travelers, etc. The Salah should be taught in a practical way and students should be monitored. 
    • Al  ʾAsmâʾ  alHousna
      • The ninety- nine descriptive names of Allah.
    • Masâ’il ( rules )
      • The necessary rules for cleanliness and the Salah , such as ghusl , the wudu ‘, the Farâ’idh and  Wâjibât of Salah , etc. Brief introductions on Zakât, the young and Hajj are also given.
  • Islamic Education.
    • Religious science
      • One hundred and ten questions and answers regarding important facts about Islam, Islamic figures, and historical places. 
    • Speeches and Dou’â
      • Five speeches and five Dou’â from the Koran. 
    • Sîra
      • A brief history of the life of Prophet Muhammad and the four well-guided Khulafâ , i.e. , Abu Bakr , Omar , ‘Othman and Ali

Registration Rules

  • Students must be registered 4 months prior to the start of classes, during the registration period that will be announced by the office.
  • There is a late registration fee of 25$ for every student that is registered after the registration period. 25$/student will be automatically taken with the first payment.
  • Regular school-year classes: students must be registered in the month of May, during the registration period.
  • Summer classes: students must be registered in the month March, during the registration period.
  • On registration day, parents must bring with them
    • Void Cheque (If you have already given a void cheque the year before, you will need to authorize us to continue using your void cheque in person)
    • Student’s Medicare card (even if you have already given it the year before)
  • Registration Age Condition
    • Student must be 6 years old on the day of registration.
    • Please note: We have accepted students under 6 years old in the previous years, but this is a NEW rule so using examples of past students is NOT VALID.
    • Please do not ask for an exception to be made as NO EXCEPTIONS will be made under any circumstances.
  • After class supervision
    • Student safety is a priority at our school and we take all measures needed to ensure the safety of your children. To ensure 100% safety, parents must be present a few minutes before the end of class to pick-up their children. Although some of our staff members are present to supervise for a small period of time after class, children are ultimately the parents’ responsibility after class time.

Cancellation Policy

I Agree and I Understand that the fee ($200) is fully not refundable. / J’accepte et je comprends que les frais (200 $) ne sont pas entièrement remboursables.

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